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Coltech Planning has a qualified and experienced team available to conduct Structural Integrity Inspections of Mine Site Fixed Plant and Equipment. The aim of these visual inspections is to identify structurally compromised equipment that pose a risk to work place safety and production down time in the processing plant. We then recommend repair methodologies that aim to make the work place safer and extend the life of the plant and equipment.

This specialised service provides the client with Structural Inspection Report which may include the following deliverables:

  • The current state of the Inspection area.
  • Compliance with Australian and Site Standards.
  • Structural Analysis of any damaged Assets.
  • Recommendation to repair or replace items.
  • Repair Plan or Method for each identified defect.
  • A Risk Rating of the Structural Issues.


Bob Colman is a registered Certifying Structural Engineer with the Northern Territory Building Practitioners Board
and can provide Section 40 certification.

Examples of work include:

  • Ground level and elevated housing up to 2 stories
  • Domestic Sheds and Carports
  • Industrial sheds and awnings
  • Solar panel installations

Coltech Planning have been engaged as a Contractor with ERA Ranger Mine since 2010 and have worked on a variety of projects including:

  • Chute Fabrication Drawings
  • Plant Structural Inspection Reports
  • Structural Design Upgrades and Repair Methodology
  • Platform Design and Certification
  • SpaceGass Structural Analysis
  • Pipe Racking and Foundation Design

Coltech Planning has been providing contract engineering, detail drafting and labour hire services to Mt Isa Mines since 2010.

In 2015 Coltech was engaged to review the structural integrity of operations at the George Fisher Mine. One example of the review findings resulted in the Design and Certification of a 55 tonne SWL Access Platform. Maintenance workers were concerned about corrosion on an original 35 year old steel platform. A detailed visual inspection showed that one of the main support beams was pending failure and that advanced corrosion was prevalent throughout the remaining structure.

Airway Platform-GA1 (2)Engineer Bob Colman worked with the mine’s Fixed Plant Supervisor to design a replacement platform that could be installed with minimal disruption to production. SpaceGass Structural Analysis software was used to model the dynamic forces of a fully loaded 25 tonne Franna Crane and suitable beam sections were selected. Coltech Planning provided the client with a set of fabrication drawings so that all steel members could be fabricated and painted off site. The modular design made allowance for variations in the existing concrete structure and could be installed without any interruption to production.

Bob Colman on site at MRMGlencore – MRM is located in the Northern Territory approximately 800kms south/east of Darwin.

Bob Colman has been engaged as an external contractor at MRM since 2007.

Examples of the projects Bob has worked on are:

  • Design of overhead cranes and monorails
  • Design of workshop structures and foundations
  • Project engineering for the installation of tanks, hoppers, pumps and piping
  • Design of tank plinths and pipe supports
  • Project management of tank installations to $5M
  • Structural Integrity Inspections

Newmont Dry MessGranites gold mine site is located in the Tanami desert north/west of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

As an external contractor Bob Colman has worked on projects such as:

  • Structural design of a 2,000m2 dry mess with a 14m open span dining area
  • Structural design of an 80 tonne overhead gantry crane and footings
  • Design of a conveyor take-up weight winch system
  • Detail design of a 500,000 litre process water tank and foundations
  • Design structural platforms for hoppers and vibrating equipment
  • Structural Integrity Inspections

EWT PimpEWT is the brainchild of a local Darwin mechanic, Hew McDonald.

Hew is the inventor of a hydraulic/cable elevating work platform in a mechanic’s pit.

Operated by remote control, the system will:

  • Reduce workplace hazards
  • Improve workplace efficiency & productivity
  • Improve technician/mechanic posture & comfort

Each Platform is custom engineered by Coltech Planning and installed by EWT to suit the pit, ranging in size from 5m to 20m long.

The next phase of this project is to engineer a portable Elevated Work Platform that can be moved from one site to another.

For over 20 years MMC Australia Pty Ltd has been servicing various sites across Northern Australia.

MMMMC TrummelC Australia Pty Ltd provides sites with engineering, fabrication, fitting and personnel solutions in the mining, construction and oil & gas industries.

Coltech Planning provides structural engineering services to MMC.

Some examples of work performed are:

  • Design and certification of lifting frames
  • Structural design of workshop extensions
  • Design of 8m wide x 10m high, hinged workshop doors
  • Detail design of access platforms and stairways.


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